Saturday, January 5, 2013

Rose, citrus & gold, when Summer gets cold

Jolie & Deen levi jacket / H&M top / Vintage skirt

Melbourne has been sweltering uncomfortably in a 40 degree heat wave since the new years. I constantly feel like little sun beam men are attacking me with blazing hot iron rods every time I wonder into daylight. Yesterday was nice though, kindof like finally opening a giant refrigerator door for a bit of a cool down. 

I'm in love with citrus colour combinations at the moment. Even though the white skirt is a bit longer than the skirts I usually wear, it's perfect for a semi-formal occasion. Paired up with a light chiffon tank and rose blazer, this whole ensemble is enough to keep me warm and still make me feel like I'm carrying on the summer spirit!

Oh and, these shots were taken by one of my nearest and dearest friend, Adrienne Kher. You'll probably hear a lot about her, or even catch her a few times on this blog. We do a lot of things together.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2 0 1 3

Big plans for more.
You are not small,
or insignificant at all.